Congratulations to the 2019 Anderson-Hopkins Award Recipients

Recognizing Excellence in the Theater Arts in Washington, DC



Richard and Bill

The Anderson-Hopkins Award for Excellence in the Theater Arts is named for two of Washington D.C.'s long time theater goers and supporters; the Anderson-Hopkins Award for Excellence in the Theater Arts recognizes actors and other members of the DC theater community whose creative lives demonstrate great accomplishment to date and promise for the future.  Original subscribers to the Kennedy Center when it opened in September 1971, Bill and Richard were avid DC theater goers, subscribers, and donors to numerous theaters over the years. Bill was involved with the Helen Hayes Awards in the beginning. Richard passed away in 2014, and Bill continues to support and attend theater, creating this foundation to recognize and award the individuals that continue to enrich the Washington, DC theater scene. 

Annual Award

The 2019 Anderson-Hopkins Award for Excellence in the Theater Arts will be held on Monday, November 11, 2019, at Signature Theatre.

The Inaugural Award was held on  Monday, November 20, 2017, at Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia.


The 2019 recipients will be announced on Monday, November 11.

We would like to congratulate our 2018 recipients:


Karma Camp – Choreographer, Will Gartshore - Actor, Ted van Griethuysen - Actor, Nancy Schertler - Lighting Designer,  

Bobby Smith – Actor, and Craig Wallace - Actor

Congratulations to the 2017 Recipients

Actors Naomi Jacobson, Nancy Robinette, and Holly Twyford, Set designer, Daniel Conway, and musical director Jon Kalbfleisch

Selection Criteria

The Award is made annually to one or more recipients, at the discretion of the donor, to individuals who have been performing in the Washington area for a minimum of ten years with at least two performances in the last two years.  During their career, they have demonstrated excellence by critical acclaim in reviews, Helen Hayes nominations, or other tangible acknowledgement. The award is not usually intended to honor life achievement nor outstanding success in a single performance, although both may be considered, but is to reward those artists who have been recognized for their success over time and who have made a long term commitment to creating theater in Washington.

The Award comes with an unrestricted check for $5000 with the hope that recipients will continue to enrich Washington audiences in years to come.  With this award, Anderson-Hopkins acknowledge and recognize the profound impact the recipient has had in shaping the theater community and to honor their legacy through the recognition of the extraordinary individuals who are transforming the local arts landscape with their unique and creative work.  The award was established in 2017 with an anticipated life of at least twenty years.